Wear Warranty:25 Year

Soil Warranty:25 Year

Style Type:Cut Pile

Weight:45 oz

Yarn:100% PureColor® TwistX Solution Dyed Polyester BCF

Stain Warranty:Lifetime

Par Rating:3

Pet Stain Warranty:Lifetime


Fade Warranty:Lifetime

Manufacturer Defects Warranty:25 Year

Retention Warranty:25 Year

Installation Pattern Repeat:18" W x 14 1/2" L



2699 Blue Moon 

2700 End of an Era 

2701 Save the Date 

2702 In a Lifetime 

2703 Rock of Ages 

2716 Time Marches On 

2722 Day by Day 

2740 In the Moment 

2706 Live Beautifully 


1 Square foot